Protocol X Tokenomics Overview:

  • Tokenomics of Protocol X ProtocolX will have a 100,000,000 capped token supply.

  • (The Contract does not sell ANY buy fees hence the dual reflections).

Buy Fees: 4% 2% to Vault (PTX Rewards) 2% to Burn

Sell Fees: 8% 4% to Vault (PUSD Rewards) 4% to Burn

To purchase PTX, please ensure you use 6% / 10% in regard to slippage when purchasing.

Keeping the token and protocol growing and allowing the token to have positive price action pressure is very important to the long-term demand aspects of the protocol. Protocol X will solve this potential inflationary conflict via multiple means:

  • Buy/Sale fees that support the token and protocol

  • Deflationary mechanics with real volume-based rewards

  • No Ponzinomics

  • Trading Bot Sustainability Mechanism & Real User trading

  • Integrating Protocol X into a bigger system will promote multiple demand windows over time

  • Investments involving DeFi and real-world strategies.

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