🔥True Burn Mechanics

Protocol X (PTX) has a unique approach to burning tokens. Unlike other projects that use a generic burn wallet to remove tokens from circulation, PTX actually removes the supply of tokens when they are burnt. This helps to further increase the scarcity and value of the token.

When a user burns PTX tokens, the tokens are permanently removed from circulation. This means that the total supply of PTX tokens decreases, making the remaining tokens more scarce and valuable. Additionally, burning tokens can also help to increase the demand for PTX, as the reduced supply can drive up the price of the token.

This approach to burning has several benefits. First, it helps to create a more stable and valuable token. By permanently removing tokens from circulation, PTX is able to maintain a lower supply, which can lead to a higher price and greater demand.

Second, burning tokens can also provide a source of income for PTX holders. When tokens are burned, the value of the remaining tokens can increase, providing a return on investment for holders.

Overall, PTX's unique approach to burning tokens sets it apart from other projects. By permanently removing tokens from circulation, PTX is able to create a more valuable and stable token that rewards both users and holders.

TLDR: We do not have a dead address, tokens are removed from supply permanently.

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