Phase one
  • Stop the inflation.
  • Improve contract tokenomics to provide sustainable rewards.
  • Begin deflationary (burn) mechanics.
  • Grow investment funds as much as possible (Target of Feb - March for full ability to fund all mechanics).
  • XShare runs as previously defined: 50% of profits to rewards / 30% compounded / 10% to token support / 10% to treasury.
Phase Two
  • Additional PUSD airdrop rewards for PTX holders.
  • Significant LP injection, strategically timed and perhaps in phases.
  • Major marketing push (strategically timed, particularly if the bear market is still taking swings).
  • User expansion and growth
Phase Three
  • Expanding the Protocol X Ecosystem.
  • Introducing gamification systems to X-Shares.
  • Integration of NFT Marketplace with Protocol X.
  • Hosting pre-sales/launches with DEX.
  • Development of additional farm/staking pairs on Protocol X dApp.
  • Exploration of Decentralised Streaming Services.